1. Course overview:

Al-Imam An-Nuwawi mentioned in the introduction of his famous book “The 40 Hadith” the importance of memorizing (a minimum of) forty Hadith, as it was reported from Ali ibn Abi Talib in a Hadith (deemed weak), the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: whomsoever memorizes 40 Hadith related to the affairs of my Ummah shall be resurrected among the Fuqaha’ and Ulama’. This course is therefore designed to revive the love and the importance of Hadith among the students and thus encourage them to have some selected hadith at heart while teaching them the meaning and some practical lessons from every Hadith they memorized.

2. Course objectives:

    • Memorize some selected Hadiths from the Book (The 40 Hadith)
    • Understand the basic meaning of the selected Hadiths
    • Extract practical lessons from the selected Hadiths

3. Course outline:

11. Transgressing the Limits
22. Concept of zuhd
33. Avoid harm
44. The burden of proof is on the accuser 
55. Enjoy good and forbid evil
66. Sanctity of a Muslim
77. Fostering brotherhood and unity
88. Our deeds 
99. Attaining nearness to Allah
1010. Pardoned actions 
1111. This world is temporary 
1212. Synchronizing our desire 
1313. Allah’s forgiveness