1. Course overview:

The Arabic language is undeniably an important subject in the Islamic Legal Sciences, it is the foundation and the medium of understanding the original Shari’ah texts Nusus al-Shari’ah. Comprehending these sciences especially the Qur’an and Hadith is therefore far-fetched without the knowledge of Arabic language through which the ability to discern the meanings and benefits of Islamic texts and provisions is attained. This course is designed to provide students with adequate knowledge of Arabic grammar, the root of learning and understanding of the Arabic language.

2. Course objectives:

      • To help students perfect their Arabic speaking, writing, reading and listening skills
      • Get students to be familiar with basic Arabic grammar.
      • Fulfilling a necessary aspect for the student to understand the Qur’an and hadith

3. Course outline:

1Introduction to Arabic grammar
2Parts of speech
3Noun and its signs (I’sim)
4Verbs and its signs (Fi’il)
5Prepositions (Harf)
6I’irab and its categories.
7The signs of I’irab