1. Course overview:

Tawheed is the foundation of the Islamic belief system, the rule, and criteria upon which all acts of worship are accepted or rejected, the set of principles that defines actions leading to the attainment of the Ridha or the wrath of the Creator. This course is designed to take the students through the importance of understanding the concept of Tawheed, types of Tawheed, things that nullify the Aqidah (creed) of a Muslim and the role of Tawheed in the daily routine of every Muslim.

2. Course objectives:

    • Provide students with basic and adequate information about the Islamic creed.
    • Provide students with guidelines on how and why the Manhaj (Al-Quran and Sunnah) of the prophet and the pious Salaf in Aqeedah is worth following,
    • Inculcate the consciousness of living by the main purpose of life and creation in students. 

3. Course outline:    


1Introduction to Tawheed (Definitions and proofs)
2The purpose of creation
3Types of Tawheed 
4The monotheism (Tawheed) of knowledge and evidence
5The monotheism (Tawheed) of intention and demand 
6The Article of Faith (Conditions and Violations) 
7As-Shirk (Definition, types and proofs)
8The Fundamentals of Islam
9The Fundamentals of Iman 
10Nullifiers of Religion
11Al-Kufur (Definition and types) 
12An-Nifaaq ( Definition and types) 
13Al-walaa wal-baraa