1. Course overview:

Every learner of the Qur’an earns a reward from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala; however, one’s merit determines the amount of the reward you earn whenever you read the Qur’an. Reaching the level of perfection in reciting the Noble Qur’an is the ultimate goal, and Tajweed is the methodology that guides and prepares individuals towards attaining that level. This course is theoretically designed to introduce students to the importance of learning Tajweed and acquaint them with the theory of intonation, and practically the course shall train the students to improve their Quran recitation and accustom them to the correct Makharij Al-huruf.

2. Course objectives:

    • Students get to master the recitation of the Quran.
    • Students get to master the characteristics, the sound origination and the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet.

3. Course outline:

1The sound origin of the Arabic alphabet
2Characteristics of the Arabic alphabet.
3Almutamathilain  walmutaqaribain
4Almutajanisain walmutabaeidain.
5Al- Waqf wal Al-Ibtida’a(How to begin reciting the Quran and how to stop).
6Joint and separation.
7Pronunciation of feminine alphabet “Taa”.
8Hamzat Al Wasl.
9What should be taken into account with “Riwayatu Hafs”.
10Practical applications