1. Course overview: 

Education is not only a fundamental right for everyone but also a necessity for community and nation development; in fact, the rise and fall of every culture, civilization or system depend substantially on the education of its citizens. In Islam, education is a comprehensive project that guides the growth of an individual as well as the systems that serve him, and the ultimate goal (of Islamic education) is to nurture Al-muttaqeen. This course is designed to help students understand the essence of Islamic education and its role in building a balanced lifestyle that ensures success in this Dunya and the Akhirah.

2. Course objectives 

    1. Introduce students to the concept and purpose of Islamic education 
    2. Streamline the content of Islamic education in a practical way.

3. Course outline:

Introduction to Islamic Education 

      • Definition and conceptualization
      • The Purpose (Ar-Rabbaniyah)

Domains of Islamic Education 

      • Family institutions
      • learning institutions
      • Communities

Components of Islamic Education

      • Spiritual Development  
        • Divine relation (Aqeedah)
        • Human relation (Akhlaq)
        • Nature and environment (Rahmah)
      • Intellectual Development
        • Art and Skills 
        • Science 
        • Beneficial knowledge 
      • Personal Development
        • Physical health
        • Psychological health 
        • Mental health 

Scope of Islamic Education 

      • Lifespan 
      • Systems (Economic, Political, Social, Legal)