The Jurisprudence of Dealings (Fiqh Mu’amalat):

  1. Course overview:

The objective of the shariah is to promote the well-being of all mankind, this includes their daily activities. The concept of Mu’amalat, literally means transactions,  while its technical idea is any form of mutual dealings held between men to solve their everyday needs, especially in matters relating to trade and commerce. Mu’amalat is a social relationship that consists of various economic and non-economic activities. In this course, we will focus basically on contemporary dealings and transactions by providing its Islamic rulings and helping students to understand how to deduce rulings for any new contemporary issues.

2. Course objectives:

      • Providing students with a set of rulings with regards to transactions that a Muslim needs in his/her life.
      •  Getting students to know forbidden transactions in Islam and avoiding them.

2. Course outline:

1Facts about wahy (divine revelations).
2History of the descent of the Quran.
3Makkan and Medinan verses.
4Causes of revelations.
5Abrogators and abrogated.
6The verses that are first to be revealed and the last to be revealed