The Science of the Quran (ULUMUL QUR’AN)

  1. Course overview:

Qur’an is the primary source for Islamic science and it is the divine guide that ensures a better life for humanity in this world and the hereafter. Ulumul Qur’an enables students of knowledge to better understand the Qur’an, history of revelation and compilation of the Qur’an, and the various aspects that aid its comprehension. The science of the Quran teaches students how to read and understand books of Tafseer, provides them with the necessary skills to be able to contextualize the divine concepts, terms and events in the history of the Qur’an. This course is designed to assist AZAC students through their journey of learning and understanding the Qur’an. 

2. Course objectives:

      • Introducing the student to the greatness of the Book of Allah and the arts of science that contained it.
      • Acquainting students with some reasons for descending of verses and abrogator and abrogated.

3. Course outline:

1Facts about wahy (divine revelations).
2History of the descent of the Quran.
3Makkan and Medinan verses.
4Causes of revelations.
5Abrogators and abrogated.
6The verses that are first to be revealed and the last to be revealed