1. Course objectives:

Hadith as the second source of the Islamic shariah has gone through different views with regards to ascertaining exactly what the Prophet did or said, These views are the result of the diverse methodologies employed in establishing the normative practices of the Prophet.  For that reason, it was necessary to come up with a specific field of study, ideas and opinions that encompass the entire scope of thought from outright rejection or accepting of hadith to a highly literal reading of it. And this field of study is what is term as “Ulumul Hadith”. AZAC has designed this course in a way a student will get to differentiate between types of Hadith, how to trace hadith through textual sources and Rijal al-hadith (the reporters of hadith).

2. Course objectives:

    • To help students differentiate between various classifications of Hadith.
    • To get students to be familiar with the reporters of hadith (Rijal al-Hadith)
    • To plant the love of this field of study in the heart of our students.

3. Course outline:

1Introduction to Ulumul Hadith
2Transmission of Hadith
3Evaluation of the Sanad
4Chains of transmission
5Classifications of Hadith
6Conflicts and contradictions (Ikhtilaf al-Hadith)
7Criticism of hadith
8Classification of narrators
9Grading of Hadith according to the narrators
10Methods of tracing of Hadith 
12Biographies (tabaqat)
13Women scholars of Hadith