1. Programme registration

Admissions into AZAC programmes are offered at the beginning of every season, there are three intakes according to AZAC academic calendar: Al-Fajr Intake, As-Shuruq Intake, and Ad-Duha Intake

2. Study Status

2.1 Active status, A student who has successfully registered and paid for any of AZAC programmes, regularly following AZAC courses and is without academic misconduct or disciplinary issues.

2.2 Dropped status, An active student who failed to register for a course and/or make the required payment two (2) weeks after the commencement of AZAC academic season.

2.3 Probation Status, A student with a probation status will not be able to register full courses for his next level because he obtained less than 40% grade in the previous level.

2.4 Dismissed/Terminated status, based on disciplinary action or academic performance.

3. Attendance

3.1 Students are required to login to their portal every weekend and register their attendance before downloading lecture materials.

3.2 Students with less than 50% attendance and without written approval from the course instructor are not allowed to sit for the end of season examination.

4. Assessment

4.1 There will be an ongoing evaluation for students through individual assignments, group work, fieldwork and end of the season examination.

4.2 Students obtain either of the following grades: Distinction 90%-100%, Pass 50%-89% and Fail 49% and below. Students who failed to sit for the end of season exams shall be terminated/dismissed.

5. AZAC Disciplinary actions


6. Appeals




AZAC is an online programme targeting individuals who are interested in learning and understanding Islam.

AZAC offers professional certificate/qualification in Shari’ah and Arabic courses.

AZAC is not responsible for an individual’s career and/or employment.

AZAC does not prepare individuals for public religious debate.

AZAC is not responsible for individuals’ deviant religious ideologies.

AZAC is not responsible for students’ access to the internet during lectures and/or examinations.

AZAC reserved the right to all the materials, modules and contents provided to their students.

AZAC student does not have any right whatsoever to share, duplicate, edit or sell AZAC materials without a written permission from AZAC management.